1. Who are the producers?

VSTAR TALENT (2019) is co-produced by the same producers of V-STAR 2012, 2013, 2014, 2016, 2018, VSTAR Kids 2015 & 2017: Thuy Nga Productions & Vietface TV.

2. How do I audition for VSTAR TALENT?

The auditions include two rounds: Online Audition and On-Stage Audition. You have to get pass the Online audition to reach the On-Stage audition. VSTAR Talent 2019 will be open to all talents which can be performed on the stage of Saigon Performing Arts Center. These include, but not limited to singing, dancing, karate, magic acts, comedy acts, Master of ceremony, instruments, etc…Contestants may participate as an individual or as a group. Minimum age is 6 years old.

a) Online Audition – First Round:

This first-round audition will be online. Participants will submit 2 pictures that were taken within the last two years and performance video (submitted through YouTube). The performance clip submission will be reviewed by the VSTAR Producers. If approved, your clip will be posted online for voting by the general public. Those who garner enough votes will be invited to the Live Audition Round.


1. A Performance clip through a YouTube link. The clip is showcase and highlight your talent for which you are auditioning. Contestants are fully responsible for all content and copyright issues within the submitted clip.

2. Two pictures that were taken within the last two years. Each picture should not exceed 1MB. If your pictures are bigger than 1MB, you have to resize them.

3. Fill out the Application and submit online

4. A $50 non-refundable Registration Fee. This fee will not be refunded under any circumstances.

Application Deadline is May 31, 2019.

All audition submittals will be posted online for audience to vote. Every week, new auditions will be posted. Audience can vote for the new auditions only for one week.

Because of logistics, we may have to limit the number of people who audition. We may have to close the audition earlier than the May 31st deadline if we reach our target number. As such it is highly recommended that you fill out an application as early as possible.

b) On-Stage Audition

The selected participants from the Online audition will get to perform On-Stage in front of the VSTAR Talent Judges.

Live Auditions will all be held in Orange County, CA (on August 17 & 18, 2019). You will need to choose one of those days to audition in front of the panel of judges.

  • Pay the $150 On-Stage Audition Fee through the online link.
  • At the audition, you will be asked to perform in front of Judges.
  • Contestants are required to bring their own backing track to the audition (if applicable). Contestants are responsible for the content and copyright of any music used in the live audition round.
  • There is not definite number of contestants required to advance to the quarterfinals round. Judges and producers to determine which contestants qualify at the live audition round.

3. How does the competition work?

There are four rounds:

a) Online Round – Participants submit audition material which will be posted online for audition voting.

b) Live Audition – Those who advance from the online round will face the judges in the live audition round at SPAC. (August 17 & 18, 2019)

b) Quarterfinals: Those who advance from the live audition round will face the judges in the quarterfinals round at SPAC. (Thursday, August 22, 2019)

c) Semifinals: Those who advance from the quarterfinals round will face the judges in the semifinals round at SPAC. (Sunday, November 17, 2019)

d) Finals: Those who advance from the semifinals round will face the judges in the finals round at SPAC. (Friday, November 22, 2019)

e) There will be one ultimate winner of VSTAR Talent 2019 and will be announced at the results show on Sunday, November 24, 2019.

f) The organizers reserve the right to change the number of contestants for each round before
the competition begins.

4. What does the winner get?

The ultimate winner will receive a check for $10,000 USD and will be invited to perform at a Paris By Night taping ONE TIME. The winner is responsible for any applicable taxes.

(Thuy Nga Entertainment reserves the right to sign with any of the contestants at its own discretion after the show. As such, even if you do not win the competition, there is a chance that Thuy Nga may offer you a singing contract as it did in past competitions.)

5. Who can audition?

a) Anyone from 6 years old and up from anywhere in the world.

b) Part-time or full-time employees of Thuy Nga Entertainment, Vietface TV, and Dancesation are NOT allowed to participate. Independent consultants are not considered as employees.

e) For non-US residents, the organizers will provide proofs of selection to the local US consulates through the form of an official letter of the program. However, it is the responsibility of the participants to obtain necessary visa to enter the United States.

6. Who are the judges?


7. What are the costs for the contestants?

  • Contestants are responsible for paying their own travels, hotel, food, and costumes.
  • Online First Round registration fee: $50. This fee is used to pay the Internet Service provider to host the online Audition.
  • Second Round registration fee: $150. Only if you are selected for the second round. This fee is used to help to pay for the expenses related to the auditions

8. Others:

a) Stage Costumes must be appropriate and approved by the Organizers.

b) The participants are fully responsible for the license and music rights of the audition music submitted to “V-STAR”

c) By submitting the pictures and the music, the participants authorize the organizers the rights to use the pictures and music on the web, TV, newspapers, radio, and DVD.

9. Schedule

(Please see “Event” tab)

10. Costumes

a) Contestants need to provide their own costumes. Costumes must be pre-approved by the organizers.

b) If performances require dancers, contestants will be asked to coordinate costume selections with dancers.

11. Disclaimer
The organizing committee reserves the right to change the information in this FAQ as needed. The organizers reserve the right to change the formats and rules before the show starts.